Feedback – The basis for every type of personnel development

Leadership 2.0

Are you responsible for Human Resources in a commercial enterprise and want to ensure that your management selection and development are successful? Do you see challenges in terms of the mega trends of the ever increasing internationalisation, the shortage of specialist and managerial talent, the demographic development and the changing corporate cultures through e-leadership and Generation Y? Our goal as specialised management selection and development consultants is to provide you with professional and committed support. Together with you we want to ensure that your top talents and your management team reach their goals. For this we develop tailor-made projects that will be widely accepted in your company due to our know-how and our adaptability. As Human Resource Management project partners it is our aim to distinguish ourselves through a very high level of service orientation and a detailed, uncomplicated, personal and trusting approach.
All our consultants have a degree in psychology and business administration and have at least 10 years of project experience in national and international projects at groups of companies, corporates and SMEs. We offer our consulting services in both German and English. All our HR consultants have experience in the implementation of events with international groups of participants.

At FEEDBACKPEOPLE we focus on our four core competencies:

  • State-of-the-art conceptual design and implementation of Individual and Group Assessment Centres for the selection and development of specialists and managers
  • Inspiring training and development programmes that strongly focus on the provision of feedback in the area of interdisciplinary competencies along the subject of leadership (conflict management, personnel selection, coaching, rhetoric, intercultural skills, self-leadership)
  • Managerial coaching
  • Providing consultancy services for the selection and introduction of HR tools

Our consultancy services ultimately always focus on a thorough assessment of individuals. We support your managers in examining their individual strengths and development needs, provide clear development recommendations and help them to broaden their range of behaviour and to maybe question some hindering attitudes.
In any case, our consultancy services always result in the provision of feedback. During our Assessment Centres each participant and the respective customer always receive appreciative, well-founded and discerning feedback, both verbally and in writing. We support you in setting up a feedback culture or we teach your managers during training and coaching sessions how they can provide constructive feedback in genuinely difficult situations in a bold yet sensitive style. Ultimately, talent management systems are feedback systems regarding many of their aspects which need to interact in order to find, commit and promote the most suitable candidates.

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