Individual Assessment

Purpose of Individual Assessment Centres

Our Individual Assessment Centres (IACs) are high-quality evaluation methods tailored to your individual needs which offer excellent opportunities for identifying a candidate’s leadership potential and for assessing his or her competencies, motives, values and personality traits in a discerning manner.

The deliberate focus on a single candidate for an entire day can significantly contribute to ensuring that a high-quality and confident decision is made when appointing internal or external applicants to a specific position. If you avoid costly mistakes, the value created from correct personnel selection is very high.

At the same time, Individual Assessment Centres focus on identifying personnel development needs in terms of a specific target position or, for example, in terms of taking on a leadership role.

Designed to focus on professional development, an Individual Assessment Centre is a discerning, individual assessment of (potential) managers. The assessment results can be used to derive individually tailored development measures.

Furthermore, the feedback is clearly more discerning than is the norm in the day-to-day work environment. In particular for incumbents of higher level managerial positions, the feedback provides a very good basis for self-reflection processes, personal coaching or systematic onboarding.

Area of application for Individual Assessment Centres

We recommend an Individual Assessment Centre if…

  • your applicants and your company value maximum discretion and confidentiality.
  • it is important to you that Individual Assessment Centre exercises are precisely adapted to the requirements of the target position and the personality of the participant.
  • you want to express a high degree of appreciation for participants who are in upper management positions through a deliberate focus on their assessment.
  • you value more flexibility as regards time or a theory-driven approach for the implementation. Individual Assessment Centres make it possible to discuss a candidate’s approach during a simulation and his/her underlying motives in detail using reflective questions. Specific exercises can also be spontaneously left out if individual requirements can be diagnosed early on and the particular exercise would not therefore result in any additional insights. Alternatively, the level of difficulty can be adjusted or additional tests and simulations can be carried out if there are still open questions regarding a competence or a competence area.

The FEEDBACKPEOPLE Individual Assessment Centre philosophy is your advantage

  • You benefit from our long-standing experience in drawing up requirements analyses and in the conceptual design and implementation of over 500 (Individual) Assessment Centres.
  • As business psychologists we use scientifically proven methods and various methodological approaches, which are clearly superior to a regular job interview in terms of their predictive accuracy.
  • We offer you individual advice and do not believe in standard products. Together with your company’s HR experts and managers we develop exercises in such a way that they are tailored specifically to your company or adapt existing exercises to the specific role. For Individual Assessment Centres that are only carried out once or only a few times, the briefing ahead of the Individual Assessment Centre can pragmatically take place by phone. If necessary, the Individual Assessment Centre process can be kept lean.
  • Our social simulations and our analytical and conceptual Assessment Centre modules excel through their high degree of business proximity and finesse. In our experience, this leads to a high level of acceptance among participants. Rumour has it that there have even been participants in the past who enjoyed mastering the challenges in their Individual Assessment Centre. As far as possible we try to embed the Individual Assessment Centre exercise modules in a realistic scenario, which, in our experience, leads to an even higher level of acceptance by the participants.
  • In addition to the content-related challenges and the complexity of the exercises, which ultimately serve to separate the top performers from candidates that are merely good, we always ensure a constructive atmosphere. Our Individual Assessment Centre method is often found to have a strong coaching character.
  • As skilful experts, we draw up discerning and detailed final reports for you and your candidates containing clear development recommendations. These written reports once more summarise the verbal feedback received immediately after the assessment. The reports often trigger further development meetings between the participant, his or her superior and internal HR experts. This service is practically essential for development-oriented Individual Assessments. For external candidates in selection processes to whom you will not offer a position, drawing up a final report is usually not necessary.
  • Of course we like to plan Individual Assessment Centres as interconnected methods for you for practical reasons, by assessing several participants in parallel on the same day.